Paramedic suspended for dancing at music festival on break

The unnamed paramedic was suspended for failing to take off his uniform and dancing at the Defqon 1 music festival in Sydney, Australia

By EMS1 Staff

SYDNEY, Australia — A paramedic was suspended after being filmed dancing while on break at a music festival.

Sputnik News reported that the unnamed EMS Event Medical paramedic was on his break at the Defqon 1 music festival when he was filmed dancing in uniform during his break.

The video went viral on a popular Instagram page, and the paramedic commented on the post, asking for it to be removed.

“I’m the medic in that video you posted. I’m in real danger of losing my career over that video so I was hoping you could do me a huge favor and take it down,” the paramedic reportedly wrote the poster. “I know it’s pretty funny, but I’ve put years of hard work into being a paramedic so I’d really appreciate it.”

The video was later taken down, but EMS Event Medical officials suspended the paramedic for not taking off his uniform before dancing.

“He made a simple mistake by not removing his uniform before taking his break in a public area,” director Mike Hammond said, who added that there “were no medical emergencies taking place” while the video was filmed.

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