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Wake County EMS says the imposter has shown up at multiple calls and once took a patient’s blood pressure
Chief Thomas Meyers said the man has no ties to the Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps, which has newer uniforms
EMS providers reported several encounters with the suspect, including one in which he was allegedly carrying a firearm
The Iowa Department of Public Health sent a cease and desist letter to Eric Hansen warning he could face felony charges if he continues to present himself as an EMS provider
Poice say the man was wearing a fire department uniform and badge, had the words “emergency” and “EMS” on his vehicle and said he was responding to a car fire
Police said the man had flashing blue lights on his vehicle, which also displayed emblems from fire and EMS departments he is not a member of
Officials say the man swindled local businesses while posing as an EMS lieutenant, complete with a fake uniform and badge
The man was charged with two felonies after reportedly showing up to emergency scenes and representing himself as a volunteer firefighter
Police warned residents to take precautions after a man dressed as an EMT claimed to be performing a wellness check at a residence
Police said Tony Beverly was found inside a patient’s home wearing bunker pants and identified himself as a volunteer firefighter
Police said Christopher Parachinni activated red and blue lights on his car and put on a shirt with an EMS symbol to force drivers to switch lanes in heavy traffic
Denver Health Medical Center said a scammer has been claiming to be a paramedic and asks for personal information over the phone