Chris Cebollero: ‘We need to reverse the organizational chart’ in EMS

The EMS leader and advocate emphasizes putting the workforce at the top, with leaders giving them every opportunity to succeed

EMS leader and advocate Chris Cebollero joins Better Every Shift for a very special crossover event. No, this isn’t the One Chicago universe but rather the Lexipol Media Group universe, with Inside EMS podcast co-host Cebollero joining Zam and Janelle to talk all things fire-based EMS, leadership, community paramedicine and more. Cebollero digs into some of the pressing issues facing EMS, including the need for leaders to prioritize the workforce and give members every opportunity to succeed.

The team gets into all of this:

  • A critical rule for handling mental health calls
  • The secret for motivating a workforce
  • What Cebollero sees as the future of EMS in 5-10 years
  • Cebollero’s “advice to the haters” who don’t want to run EMS calls

watch the episode here:

What else

  • Don’t miss: The one call that has stayed with Cebollero throughout his career
  • Episode power quote: “I think we have EMS Week backwards. We should be celebrating EMS Week 51 weeks a year and then during EMS Week, we take it off to rest.”
  • Hot seat sneak peek: His favorite Inside EMS episodes

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