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ND EMS provider looking for woman who helped save a life

Jamestown Ambulance Service is searching for a woman who helped shovel drifted snow to allow emergency responders to gain access to a patient’s house

By EMS1 Staff

JAMESTOWN, N.D. – Jamestown Ambulance Service is looking to find and recognize a woman for bravely and selflessly assisting emergency responders during severe weather.

Valley News Live reported that a large snowstorm struck the area around Jamestown over the weekend, making it difficult for emergency responders to answer calls quickly and efficiently.

In one instance, the entrance to a home was completely obstructed by snow drifts, preventing help from arriving.

“During the blizzard, we responded to a medical emergency in town in which the entrance to the resident was blocked heavily with drifted snow,” the services states. “In an effort to help our crews, a female individual came bearing shovels and helped our responders shovel through the heavy drifts to clear a path in order to extricate the patient.”

In a Facebook post, the Jamestown Area Ambulance asked for the community’s help in finding the unknown woman.

“Due to the patient’s condition being time sensitive, the crew did not get a chance to thank this individual,” the post read. “Here’s what we need you to do: Please share this post with your family and friends! If this individual is you, or someone you know, please contact us or stop by the station so we can meet you and thank you properly! Thanks to your help, a community member’s life was saved!”

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