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First Responder

The next time you encounter a patient for which your clinical impression is “excited delirium,” remember that the treatment you render isn’t to treat the delirium
Your agency should have a policy covering communication with Deaf and hard-of-hearing people; are you familiar with it?
Amid a nationwide staffing shortage, learn how you can support the lifesaving role of public safety dispatchers – the FIRST first responders
First responder nutrition experts share how healthy snacking, making over your food environment and mindset fuel your body for both wellness and performance

Paramedic in Coveralls Using Tablet Computer to Check the Diagnosis for the Injured Patient on the Way to Hospital. Emergency Medical Care Assistants Puts a Ventilation Mask in an Ambulance.
COVID-19 pandemic increased substance use, burnout among first responders, study finds
The study investigated how burnout influenced the relationships between work stress, workplace support measures, COVID-specific assistance strategies and potentially harmful substance use
“This scene was chaos. Multiple victims, a house on fire, and a madman on a rampage, on a mission,” said Patrick Hendry, the head of the NYPD’s police union
Gary first responders receive $30,000 in homebuyer assistance from American Rescue Plan Act funding
Elementary school children in Hazleton swarmed into the cockpit of a medical helicopter, petted a police dog and got a look inside an armored rescue vehicle
The job of first responders can be rewarding, but it can also be difficult; learn how to combat stress on the job
We may be humble public servants, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spotlight our impact, particularly when the public is paying attention
A six-year push for the day of appreciation, inspired by heroism and tragedy, culminated in the designation of Oct. 28 to honor first responders
The primary goal of mental wellness check-ins is to provide public safety employees with increased quality of life as well as tools to manage their response to stress and trauma
UCF RESTORES also received $270,000 to work with Florida A&M to build a statewide mental health wellness toolkit for first responders
Dispatchers will have statewide training and certification, and will be eligible for better benefits and earlier retirement
What’s in a name? From dispatchers to telecommunicators or “headset heroes,” social posts show appreciation for the “first, first responders”