Health and wellness: Do something!

EMS providers need to do something for their own health and wellness just as they often do things to treat and save others

For many years the Department of Homeland Security has implored civilians, "If you see something, say something."

EMS takes this one step further – we do something.

When AMR paramedics Brian Henrichs and Trevin Sundbaum witnessed an altercation in the street as they left the hospital, they stopped the ambulance, called for police and prevented the abduction of 2-year-old boy by an agitated man.

LODD triggers fitness initiative 

A Pennsylvania department has partnered with a local hospital to launch Fit Firefighter, a program  for firefighters and EMS personnel. Unfortunately, the fitness initiative was inspired by the LODD of a department firefighter from a heart attack.

Does your department need to wait for a heart attack LODD to inspire a fitness initiative?

Start your own fitness program today. Invite your colleagues to join you.

Do something for yourself before a catastrophe

What level of fitness and wellness do you see in yourself and your colleagues?

I observed an active-shooter incident response training a few days ago. One of the medics, with just the additional PPE of a helmet and a ballistics vest, was visibly over exerted after a few minutes of brisk walking with police officers, kneeling and stooping to assess patients, and walking to the next patient. He is not alone and his low level of fitness is common.

For us to best do something for others, we need to first do something for ourselves. The basic principles – move more, eat less, sleep more – are straightforward. Don't wait for a catastrophe, like the LODD of a colleague, to do something.

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