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Nev. county officials approve new, paid EMT training program

A 15-month pilot program in Clark County will have basic, advanced EMT training with an $800 biweekly stipend



By Taylor R. Avery
Las Vegas Review-Journal

CLARK COUTY, Nev. — Southern Nevadans interested in becoming emergency medical service providers or in advancing their skills may soon have access to a fast-tracked EMT academy.

Clark County commissioners voted Tuesday to approve more than $2.4 million in federal coronavirus relief money to be used for the creation of a 15-month-long pilot EMT academy.

“This is a program for emerging emergency medical technicians to provide training and career pathways to be able to have the opportunity to address the great need that exists for emergency medical technicians,” said Ricardo Villalobos, chief programs officer at Workforce Connections.

The program involves a partnership between the Clark County Office of Community and Economic Development and Workforce Connections, Southern Nevada’s local workforce development board.

The program’s first track is intended to be an entry-level training course to give trainees exposure to the career field. The second track is meant for those who complete the first track, or for those who already are working as an EMT and want to advance their training.

Both four-week programs will cost $1,475, but trainees will be eligible for an $800 biweekly stipend.

Basic and advanced EMT trainees will be provided a stipend to lessen barriers that might prevent an applicant from successfully completing the academy courses. A majority of the funds from the county will be used to fund stipends for participants.

The academy also offers a paramedic program that is set to last 12 months, with a potential 15 weeks of field work. The track is open to those who complete the first two tracks and individuals already employed as EMTs. The paramedic program has a maximum tuition cost of $6,970.

The program aims to enroll up to 150 trainees during its pilot period.

Shani Coleman, the director of the Office of Community and Economic Development, said the office hopes to host the first training classes in January.

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