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Boston Legacy Foundation, National EMS Museum to host EMS Week celebration

The event includes exhibits, music, speakers and talk about Dr. Frank Boston, a WWI veteran and the first African American man to start an ambulance corps

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Photo/National EMS Museum

By Leila Merrill


Dr. Frank Boston was a WWI vet who established an ambulance corps.

Photo/National EMS Museum

Minneapolis — The Boston Legacy Foundation and the National EMS Museum will host a program honoring EMS providers past and present on Friday at the World War I Memorial in Pershing Par in Washington, D.C.

The speakers include George Whitehair, CEO of the Boston Legacy Foundation and EMS leaders, according to a news release.

There will also be a talk on the legacy of Dr. Frank Boston, who was a WWI veteran and the first African American man to start an ambulance corps — which he did in the 1930s and is now known as the Volunteer Medical Services Corp.

The program begins at noon Friday, but people are welcome to show up early to see new exhibits by the National EMS Museum and to meet the historians who work to preserve the story of EMS.

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