NAEMT and SOMA Support Paramedic Transition Training Programs for Military Medical Personnel

Clinton, Miss. — The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) and the 
Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) issued a position statement to support the 
development and funding of military medic to civilian paramedic transition programs. 
These transition programs will allow active duty and veteran military medics to incorporate their 
military medical training as a significant portion of their civilian paramedic training. They will 
also provide returning veterans with good paying jobs, meet the significant demands of both 
military and civilian environments, and result in hundreds of experienced paramedics each year 
in a much shorter timeframe than traditional paramedic education programs. 
"Our military combat medics have gained tremendous experience over more than a decade of 
war. Leveraging that experience to care for patients on the streets of the United States is a 
clear win-win," said Dr. Bob Mabry, SOMA President. 
"NAEMT strongly supports the need for program development of a streamlined process for 
military medics transitioning to civilian Paramedic careers,” said Ben Chlapek, retired U.S. Army 
Lieutenant Colonel and NAEMT Military Relations Committee Chair. “Our position statement 
emphasizes our commitment to this worthy endeavor in helping address the growing national 
Paramedic shortage while putting our military Veterans to work." 
The full text of the position statement is available here


About NAEMT 
Formed in 1975 and today more than 40,000 members strong, the National Association of 
Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) is the only national association dedicated to 
representing the professional interests of all emergency medical services (EMS) practitioners, 
including Paramedics, advanced emergency medical technicians, emergency medical 
technicians, emergency medical responders and other professionals working in pre-hospital 
emergency medicine. NAEMT members work in all sectors of EMS, including government service 
agencies, fire departments, hospital-based ambulance services, private companies, industrial 
and special operations settings, and in the military. 
About SOMA 
Founded in 1987, the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) is the only medical 
association in the world that brings together the unique blend of pre-hospital, tactical, 
wilderness, austere, disaster and deployed medicine. Our primary goal is to advance the art and 
science of special operations medical care through the education and professional development 
of special operations medical providers. SOMA provides a forum for military and civilian medical 
providers, academia and industry from around the world to meet and exchange ideas through 
membership in the association, at our Scientific Assembly, through our official publication, the 
Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM), and our Mini-SOMA Conferences. SOMA advances 
the science, technology and skills of unconventional medicine. 


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