Horton-Donated Cot Aids in Animal Care at Columbus Zoo Animal Health Center

Grove City, Ohio (June, 2014) – A partnership between Horton Emergency Vehicles and Jackson Township has facilitated the donation of a new cot to the Columbus Zoo Animal Health Center. The cot, manufactured by Ferno, is known for its stability and safety. Retailing for about $3,500, the donation will be a welcome addition to the animal health professionals at the Columbus Zoo.

Randy Junge, Vice President for Animal Health, said that most of the zoo’s animal patients must be anesthetized before being moved. This translates into the regular transportation of several-hundred pound, sleeping patients through animal holding areas. The Ferno cot is designed to be both sturdy and maneuverable, greatly assisting the staff with animal care.

Horton and Jackson Township, both Central Ohio establishments, felt that the donation to the Columbus Zoo Animal Health Center aligned with their efforts to support local organizations.

“Being in the emergency market, one might not automatically assume that our efforts directly correlate with a zoo,” said Jackson Township EMS Captian Bill Dolby. “But we are all healthcare professionals. We are happy that the cot will have a noble purpose at the Animal Health Center and send our most supportive thanks to the staff for the work that they do.”

Veterinarians and keepers at the Animal Health Center are responsible for everything from emergency visits to general checkups. More than 10,000 animals at the Columbus Zoo are cared for by the dedicated staff.


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