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Air Vacuum Corporation’s AIRVAC 911® System is the Only Customizable Exhaust System on the Market

The Air Vacuum Corporation has a vertical or horizontal airflow feature that is only available through the AIRVAC 911 exhaust removal system. Either vertical orhorizontal airflow is available based on the apparatus bay configuration and needs, making the AIRVAC 911 system the only truly customizable exhaust system on the market. Adjustable airflow vents can be set for directional airflow as well as the ability to set up an air curtain where open space can be segregated from apparatus bay vehicles.

An additional feature of the AIRVAC 911 system is the ability to install the system with ceiling heights as low as 10 feet and still provide directional airflows for maximum efficiency in removing both carcinogenic gasses and diesel particulates. Departments that previously thought they could not install an exhaust removal system because of height limitations can now address the health and safety of their personnel by installing the AIRVAC 911 exhaust removal system. For more information or to receive a free proposal, visit or call 800-540-7264.