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ImageTrend’s research program, Integrated Telemedicine Solution win awards at EMS World Expo 2021

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LAKEVILLE, Minn. - ImageTrend, Inc. announces its Collaborate™ program and ImageTrend Elite Telehealth™ have been selected as EMS World Innovation Award winners for 2021. The Collaborate research and analysis program was created to lead the continued advancement of EMS and the healthcare industry through meaningful research. Telehealth, a fully integrated solution within the Elite™ EMS and Community Health platforms, connects providers with additional healthcare professionals in just a click.

“We are honored to have earned these awards through the efforts of the ImageTrend community and those we serve,” commented Michael Patock, Vice President of Strategic Development. “To have both of these initiatives recognized as EMS World Innovation Award winners further demonstrates our commitment to innovation and leading with research.”

Since Collaborate’s inception, ImageTrend’s Clinical and Research Services team have published three separate reports analyzing key topics of interest in the industry. These topics have ranged from the impact of EMS incidents during the pandemic, the usage of lights and sirens across the US, and trends in firearm-related incidents that occur in the prehospital setting. ImageTrend’s second annual Collaborate report will be published in early 2022, with additional abstracts and reports also being continuously released. Visit to download and view the research.

Telehealth boosts the already robust Elite platform that was a 2020 EMS World Innovation Award winner by facilitating secure virtual consultations with healthcare providers directly from within the ePCR with no disruption to workflows. Agencies can configure lists of teams and providers for different specialties or areas of responsibility. Consulting team members are able to answer calls, manage their notification preferences and on-call status, directly from an easy-to-use online portal. Whether EMS agencies participate in the CMS ET3 (Triage, Treat, and Transport) program, have their own inhouse physicians, or partner with other organizations for virtual assessments, ImageTrend Telehealth is flexible enough to accommodate any scenario. Visit to learn more.

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