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Company creates smart jacket for first responders

The CHASE LifeTech FR jacket includes modular sensors that can detect heart rate, temperature, motion and GPS location

By EMS1 Staff

BARCELONA, Spain — A technology company debuted a smart jacket designed specifically for first responders at the 2018 Mobile World Conference. reported that Nokia teamed up with South Korean fashion brand Kolon and GINA, a software company from the Czech Republic, to create the CHASE LifeTech FR, a smart, yet fashionable jacket for first responders.

The bright jacket comes equipped with modular sensors that can detect heart rate, temperature, motion and GPS location, but they can also be swapped out for different sensors such as body cams to accommodate the responder’s needs.

Data collected from the sensors is sent back to a base to be viewed in real-time and help track the first responder with the software management system put in place by GINA.

The data can help locate a first responder who goes missing, or alert officials if a responder is showing signs of fatigue.

Nokia also made sure to make the jacket fashionable with its slim fit, fancy zippers and black detailing.

The company plans to make the jackets available for purchase in the next 12 to 18 months.

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