AI technology helping dispatchers detect cardiac arrest

Corti, an AI assistant, uses speech recognition software to analyze the conversation and alert dispatchers if the patient is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest

By EMS1 Staff

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — New artificial intelligence technology is helping dispatchers figure out if a patient is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

Fast Company reported that Corti, an AI assistant, will be on the line with Copenhagen dispatchers to analyze the caller’s words and background clues in order to determine if the caller is describing a patient suffering from cardiac arrest and alert the dispatcher in real time.

“If you and I have a problem, we end up Googling or asking people,” Andreas Cleve, CEO of the company that created the technology, said. “These people are handling more or less the worst days of our lives but they have no tools to do it.”

Although Copenhagen dispatchers can recognize cardiac arrest over the phone 73 percent of the time, the program has proven to have a 95 percent success rate, and also “trains itself” to analyze factors in the background such as yelling or sirens.

The early detection could possibly give a dispatcher the chance to instruct someone on CPR or better prepare first responders for the call.

Not only does the technology detect cardiac arrest, it also will correct dispatchers who have made errors such as forgetting to ask for the address and listening to see if the ambulance is heading to the correct location.

“As consumers and patients, do we prefer a healthcare system run by bots, or would we still from an ethical and personal perspective still prefer human contact?” Cleve said. “To me, it’s super obvious. I would always, especially when it comes to my health, prefer human contact. But augmented by a supportive system that might be using AI – that, to me, is sort of an end-game scenario.”

The company said they plan to expand to the United States soon.


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