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Paramedic charged with stealing medications

The wife of a Florida paramedic reported the theft and believed the medications were intended to poison her

LEE COUNTY, Fla. — Florida paramedic Scott Standley was arrested for stealing medications from Lee County Emergency Medical Services.

The sheriff’s grand theft charges said Standley stole prescription medications valued at hundreds of dollars, reported NBC2.

Standley’s wife contacted police on Monday, believing her life was in danger, and that she believed Standley intended to poison her. After the couple separated in June she found bottles of prescription medications in a tool box, which he said were expired and for an experiment.

Deputies said they found several bottles of nitroglycerin and other prescription drugs at the home. They also found needles and syringes they say were all stolen from Lee County EMS.

Standley, a Lee County EMS paramedic, is on paid administrative leave and is currently out on a $5,000 bond.