Healthcare has a communication problem -- and there's more to the answer than your CC&C solution.

Communication issues in the healthcare industry can be detrimental to patient care, waste time and negatively affect a provider's bottom line. During an August 29 webinar sponsored by Pulsara and hosted by Becker's Hospital Review, James Woodson, MD, founder and CEO of Pulsara, and William Atkinson, PhD, president of Guidon Healthcare Consulting, discussed several communication inefficiencies in healthcare and offered a solution to streamline communication across providers, improve patient outcomes and reduce waste.

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In the webinar, Drs. Woodson and Atkinson discussed one of healthcare's biggest issues that isn't being addressed by most providers: healthcare silos. Hospitals have Clinical Communication and Collaboration (CC&C) solutions which work great within a single facility. But, there's a dire need to break the silos between those facilities and other facilities, and between those facilities and EMS agencies. Watch the full discussion and learn what can be done about this right here:


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