15 hot products to check out at EMS World 2012

There are going to be some exciting new products introduced this year at EMS World Expo in New Orleans next week

There are going to be some exciting new products introduced this year at EMS World Expo in New Orleans next week. I'm really looking forward to seeing the first introduction of what could be some hot new products.

A few could make working in EMS a whole lot safer for street medics. Some offer to either improve care or redistribute valuable time. The exhibit hall at EMS World Expo this year will be full of new devices and technologies.

Garment-coating technology

Back in 2009, I predicted nanotechnology would have a big impact on EMS uniforms. Today that has become reality. At EMS World Expo we will see the latest generation of this garment-coating technology. Lately that technology has become more focused on infection control.

Blauer will be introducing a new class of uniforms at Booth # 1333. These new high-tech garments have a built-in Active Barrier Protection called Vestex. The partnership of Blauer with Vestagen will produce EMS uniforms that repel fluids, maximize wearer comfort and contain an antimicrobial. What that means for EMS providers is that the very fabric of their uniform helps to keep them looking and feeling good.

Oxititan has created a versatile disinfecting nanotech coating that could really change EMS, too. This stuff is a permanent photo-activated disinfectant. It can be applied to uniforms and hard or soft surfaces and even be used to decontaminate the air inside an ambulance's existing HVAC system with a special light source from Blue Shield Technologies at Booth 1665.


Another new product being introduced at EMS World is the latest EZ Lift Rescue Systems Backboard. The first version is still very new. The EZ Lift design is the brainchild of an ER physician of 20 years named Dr. Rob Heck. He recognized that EMTs and paramedics were frequently getting hurt dead-lifting backboards off the ground and devised a clever solution.

The EZ Lift products are super-strong FRP backboards with extendable handles. They allow you to stand much more upright when lifting. This reduces torque on the lower back by more than 50 percent. The new 500-pound model should be lighter and more affordable. See it at Booth # 1853.

Another new back-saving backboard is the latest compact version of the WauK Board. This backboard features a fold-out footrest and wheels. It offers a way to deal with tough challenges, such as elevators. The new version can fit in most backboard compartments.

Both of these new spine boards cost a lot more money than traditional models, but they may prove to reduce back injuries. If they save you one serious back injury, they probably make you money. While they take different approaches to the problem, both are intended to be part of a comprehensive workplace injury reduction program.


Masimo will be there with the new Radical-7 at Booth # 2033. The 2012 Radical-7's upgradable proprietary platform features noninvasive and continuous monitoring of blood constituents that previously required invasive or complicated procedures. It can measure SpHb, SpOC, PVI, SpCO, SPO2, and SpMet. It even has two different ways to measure respiratory rate. Maybe it's not exactly engineered for EMS, but it does suggest powerful new features in the future of Masimo EMS devices.

Athena GTX recently partnered with Zoll Data to accept ePCR input of clinical data from its WVSM wireless monitors. Sartin Services will be at EXPO with MCI buses, one of which will be outfitted with 20 wireless Athena GTX WVSMs for remote vital signs monitoring of many patients at once. Check it out at Booth #1357.


CentreLearn at Booth # 1149 will be introducing its new software. Company Drills allows input of non-credit education records that need to be created and tracked in the CentreLearn learning management system. Early users are saying that Drills is particularly useful for firefighters who are required to complete a large number of training hours that must be tracked for ISO fire suppression rating.

Another software company showing some hot new products at the expo is Zoll Data, at Booths #1018 and #431. I recently wrote about their innovative EMS software suite. This year they will be demonstrating an enlarged portfolio of online products. The goal is to give smaller agencies affordable access to the same sophisticated software tools the big departments use.

Medication control

EM Innovations will be there with the Tamper Tab access evident drugs seals. The Tamper Tab line has become versatile enough now to seal about everything from cabinets to med bags and anything in between. It will be at Booth #1805.

Also in medication control, Knox will be demonstrating the latest in its line of mobile access controlled drug boxes. These rugged and secure additions to your ambulance offer reports tracing time, date and person for every time the door is opened. Stop by Booth #1913 for that.

Weldon will be introducing several new products. One is the Seat Belt Indicator for NFPA 1917 compliance. It won't be long before the crewmember up front will be looking for the light that says the medic is safely belted in. This is a simple and logical safety feature for every ambulance. Check it out at Booth #1227.

Other devices

Innovative Trauma Care will be at Booth #1146 with its FDA-pending ITclamp. The ITclamp is for hemorrhage control. It looks like a high-tech clip for closing potato chip bags with the addition of sharp teeth. It works like temporary sutures to close wounds quickly in the field.

I am eager to get my first look at the new Pediatric LMA Supreme. The latest offering from LMA North America's Supreme line offers a high seal pressure and built-in gastric drainage. Another nice feature is the compact storage. It won't take much room to store an entire set.

Mercury Medical will be focusing on its Flow-Safe Disposable CPAP. They have some new masks and options I want to check out.

But the other product they make I want to get my hands on is the new Neo-T Infant T-Piece Resuscitator. This will be at Booth #2128.

Fieldtex will be introducing its latest designs in EMS bags. The new O2/Trauma/AED Backpack, Airpack Plus and Basic Trauma Pack will be at Booth #755.

This should really be an exciting EMS World Expo. Some new products are improved versions of older ones, but many look completely original. I'll report back about on the best new products at EMS World Expo next month.

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