Homeland Security Officials Hold Decon Training in Milam County Using Reeves Decontamination System

This summer, emergency responders in Milam County, Texas received a crash-course in setting up the county’s new Decon Unit Trailer.

Milam County purchased the trailer late last year after the Central Texas Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service received grant money to support homeland security operations in the area. Though county officials had the choice of purchasing various types of emergency response equipment, they ultimately decided that a decontamination unit was most crucial to their emergency management plan.

“Here in Milam, we’re faced with constant hazardous material traffic on our highways and railroads, as well as the threat of a public health outbreak or terrorist activity,” explains Susan Reinders, Milam County homeland security director. “Until now, our only option was to use a few fire truck hoses to wash away contaminants during a chemical spill. We knew we needed a true decontamination system.”

Responders from across the county participated in the recent training event, which included various pieces of equipment from the Decon Unit Trailer. DHS Technologies’ Business Development Representative Allen Payne was also on hand to demonstrate the set up and strike of the unit’s 2-Lane Reeves First Response Decontamination System, complete with a 165,000 BTU water heater, collapsible patient roller system, water bladder and lights.

The system, says Reinders, will be used for emergency operations across the county.

“The decon system is easy to put up and can easily be transported using the unit’s trailer. We’ll be able to set it up anywhere, whether on site during a chemical spill or at a hospital during a public health crisis. This is definitely what we’ve needed.”

The Milam County Homeland Security Department plans to next use the system during an exercise later this summer in which personnel will respond to a fictitious emergency scenario.

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