Lighting Pro Technology Introduces The POWERLITE™ 90

POWERLITE™ 90 — the new flashlight that utilizes voltage regulation to achieve longer battery life, brighter light output, and up to 78% savings in battery use.

WINDSOR, Conn. — Lighting Pro Technology announces the launch of the POWERLITE 90, the only right-angled flashlight to incorporate the benefits of voltage regulation. This AA alkaline-powered flashlight utilizes a microprocessor to regulate the power from the batteries to the bulb. Lighting Pro Technology incorporates a unique battery holder into the flashlight where 2 D-cells would have been used in the past. The battery holds 8 AA-cell batteries to give maximum run-time, but the unit can run on just 4 batteries.

The POWERLITE 90 provides a constant level of light for the effective life of the AA batteries. The user also gets 50% more "usable light." More light, a constant level of light, up to 78% savings in battery costs, and the convenience of using AA batteries. When the batteries begin to run out of power, the flashlight will start blinking for about 15 minutes, warning the user to change the batteries. POWERLITE 90 bulbs also last longer. The microprocessor provides a "soft-start" for the bulb, preventing a sudden surge of power that could result in a blowing the bulb.

The POWERLITE 90 has a metal clip on the back for easy mounting to the uniform, belt clip, or any compatible equipment. The clip also incorporates a J-ring for securing the light to the gear of a fireman, hanging from equipment, or attaching to other accessories.

The POWERLITE 90 is made from a durable, impact resistant polymer. The waterproof light utilizes a 3-position switch: off/on/signal mode. Just set the sliding switch to the intermittent position and use the button to signal with the light. The light also incorporates a spare bulb and three colored lenses (blue/green/red) in the bottom compartment.

Lighting Pro Technology has been supplying the HEADLITE™ to the U.S. Forest Service for over 25 years. NSN 6230-01-493-7630. After 2 million HEALITES, the company has now moved into designing and building innovative lights for other firefighting, search and rescue, and EMS professionals, such as the TASKLITE™ and the COATLITE™.

For more information call (860) 524-0668.

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