ESO launches patient outcomes feature to better connect hospital and prehospital data

The new ESO Health Data Exchange feature provides a view of patient outcomes at individual and aggregate levels

By Laura French

AUSTIN, Texas — ESO, a data and software company serving emergency medical services, fire departments, hospitals and state EMS/trauma offices, has announced a new patient outcomes feature in the ESO Health Data Exchange (HDE). 

ESO announced in a press release Tuesday that the new feature translates custom emergency department and hospital disposition values into a standardized data format for quicker and easier access to patient outcome data for EMS providers. 

"This new feature is a game changer for both hospitals and EMS agencies," ESO Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brent Myers said in a statement. "We have built upon the power of our HDE platform that allows EMS providers, performance improvement officers, and medical directors to see how individual patients fared after EMS transport by standardizing these outcomes to be viewed at an aggregate level as well." 

The ESO Health Data Exchange facilitates the bidirectional exchange of data between EMS agencies and hospital emergency departments, providing real-time access to important clinical information. The key functionalities of the new patient outcomes feature include the translation of custom disposition values to a standard CMS-1450 dataset, the ability to view patient outcomes at both the individual and aggregate levels and workflow automation that provides instant access to data around survival status, need for admission, transfers and more. 

"The ability for us to see hospital outcome data for both individual patients and in aggregate is a giant leap for the industry," said Wake County EMS Director and Medical Director Dr. José G. Cabañas, in a statement. "These new functionalities enhance our ability to build stronger quality improvement programs that ensure we are serving our community with the best possible care. Additionally, it helps us create a much stronger relationship with our hospital partners to ensure we get patients to the right facility at the right time to receive the right treatment." 

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