Mom hosts lifesaving CPR parties after son's near-drowning death

Laura Metro didn't know CPR when her son almost died by drowning

By EMS1 Staff

POTOMAC, Md. — For some, a CPR party doesn't sound like much fun. However, it could help save a life or two. reported that Laura Metro has made it her mission to help parents save lives after reading a story about a toddler who drowned in a pond.

"When seconds count, the paramedics can't get there on time," Metro said. "It's impossible. There is too much land to cover, so if no one around knows these kills, they are going to die."

Metro said her son almost died by drowning; she didn't know CPR at the time. Her son was revived by a friend who performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

"I couldn't understand as a responsible, safety conscious mom how and why I didn't know CPR," she said.

Since the incident, she has hosted about 150 CPR parties nationwide.

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