What are the 7 pillars of National EMS Officer Competency?

EMS Chief Ryan Greenberg discusses the competencies required of EMS officers

EMS Chief Ryan Greenberg talks about working on the NEMSMA project to create seven pillars of leadership competency, which are meant to improve EMS management. The competencies develop a national framework for current and aspiring leaders.

Memorable quote on the competency pillars

“Each pillar address things you need to be a good leader.”

The 7 Pillars of EMS Officer Competencies are:

  1. EMS Officer Prerequisites
  2. EMS Officer Self Attributes
  3. EMS Officer Leading Others
  4. EMS Officer Task Management
  5. EMS Officer Innovation
  6. EMS Officer Social Responsibility
  7. EMS Officer Clinical Performance

Questions about leadership competency

As you listen to Chief Greenberg ask these questions about your own leadership competencies:

  1. What steps are you taking to grow as a leader?
  2. What levels of EMS leadership exist in your organization and how are they supported?
  3. What resources do you draw upon for your work as EMS leader?

We welcome your response in the comments.



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