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Acadian Health partners with MedAware Solutions

The partnership aims to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by connecting health plan members with community paramedics, focusing on Medicaid patients in urban and rural areas

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Acadian Health, an in-home acute care and community health provider and a division of Acadian Companies, has partnered with MedAware Solutions, a Management Services Organization.

The partnership connects health plan members with local community paramedics to deliver in-home, patient-centered, non-emergency care to Managed Care health plan members in Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas.

The partnership aims to expand access to care by personalizing each patient experience by the structuring of a patient-involved care plan utilizing in-home and telephonic support to improve patient/provider engagement. The results of this type of partnership and improving patient engagement with their primary care provider range from a reduction in preventable emergency department visits and hospital readmissions, to an increase in preventable health screenings and early treatment, as well as improved management of chronic conditions. Combined results reflect an overall improvement in the patient’s health status and a lower total cost of care burden on the health plan.

This engagement focuses on Medicaid patients enrolled with Managed Care Organization health plans. MedAware Solutions fortifies these relationships by securing partnerships with health plans and identifying local EMS agencies with the ability and passion to support health plan members. In cases where there is limited local community paramedicine capacity, MedAware Solutions leverages their internal team to assist, improving access to community paramedicine in both urban and rural areas.

“We are expanding our Community Paramedicine Network by working with Acadian Health as one of our partners,” said MedAware Solutions COO Chris Cebollero. “We are excited to improve access to care for high-risk members in rural and impoverished urban centers while also helping Medicaid plans by engaging members, reducing EMS and ER utilization, and by reducing overall costs.

Even though Community Paramedicine is not new in the healthcare space, this solution has not been on the health plans radar for reimbursement. For the last 5 years, MedAware Solutions has done an amazing job of working with health plans and getting this vital service reimbursed for our EMS partners. Having strong partners like Acadian Health helps us demonstrate outcomes to health plans that they have been hoping to achieve for years.”

As both a direct-to-member and direct-to-provider clinical service provider, Acadian Health serves Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and commercial populations. “The ultimate goal is to improve patient and provider engagement,” said Director of Acadian Health Benjamin Swig, MPH, MBA, NRP.

Acadian Health Operations Director Richard Belle commented, “With each Community Paramedic visit, we are one step closer to identifying the root cause of a member’s behaviors and triggers. Utilizing a trauma-informed care approach that includes member empowerment, choice, collaboration, and developing trust in their safe space has been associated with members being more truthful and open when completing or assessments and following through with shared goals.”

About Acadian Health

Acadian Health, a division of Acadian Companies, was founded to complete the last mile of healthcare by bridging the gap between patient and provider, offering the highest-quality at-home healthcare. With five decades of mobile healthcare experience through our ambulance division, the Acadian Health mobile community healthcare team members arrive at a patient’s location with the knowledge, skill, and equipment to act as our partners’ eyes, ears, and hands. When you can’t be there – send Acadian Health, your partner for at-home care.

About MedAware Solutions

MedAware Solutions is an MSO partnering with EMS agencies and insurance companies to bring healthcare back into the home, assisting with increasing the quality of life, and transforming lives one member at a time.