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Frequent 911 caller arrested after faking pregnancy

The woman yelled and cursed at medics who determined she was not pregnant, and she was charged with misuse of 911

By Corey Friedman
The Cheraw Chronicle

JEFFERSON, S.C. — A Chesterfield County woman with a history of needless 911 calls is accused of faking a pregnancy.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to 34-year-old Taquille Lashonda Spencer’s home at 69 Prestige Lane around 2:16 p.m. Aug. 5 after Spencer called 911 to report that she was going into labor, according to an arrest report.

“I arrived on scene to speak with the offender who stated that she was about to have her baby,” Deputy Grant Polson wrote. “The offender did not appear pregnant and was steadily smoking a cigarette.”

Polson wrote in the report that FirstHealth EMS paramedics arrived to assess Spencer. Medics “advised her that she was not pregnant and that she didn’t need to be calling 911.”

Spencer yelled and cursed at the medics and was arrested on a charge of misuse of 911, the report states.

Spencer’s father told deputies that she is unable to have children due to a previous surgery, Polson wrote.

On July 3, deputies say Spencer called 911 to enlist paramedics’ help in opening a jar of applesauce. Chesterfield County EMS crews notified deputies after responding to the call.

South Carolina law states that a person can be charged with misusing the 911 system if he or she “telephones the emergency 911 number, whether or not conversation ensues, for the purpose of annoying or harassing the dispatcher or interfering with or disrupting emergency 911 service.”

If convicted, a defendant can face up to 6 months behind bars, a $200 fine or both.


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