EMS Artwork: Pain and anguish of a motor vehicle collision

An honest reflection on the worst suffering I have seen as a paramedic is as I roll up to a bad motor vehicle collision

MVC Daniel Sundahl

I have to be honest, when rolling up to a bad motor vehicle accident part of me wishes the occupants died instantly instead of still being alive and suffering.

The most pain and anguish I’ve seen in a patient is the driver of a vehicle that hit another car on the highway. He was still alive but his girlfriend was dead, resting against his side with her head crushed from the impacted roof. He couldn’t move to get out but he was well aware of what was happening.

I wonder what was worse for him, his own near fatal injuries or seeing his deformed dead girlfriend wedged against him.

I hate these calls.

I’ve done my fair share and I know there’s more to come, it’s witnessing true human suffering.


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