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Photo: Swedish designers create ‘Invisible Bicycle Helmet’

They say the ‘helmet’ can be worn like a collar and will deploy when it senses a crash


Photo Hovding

SWEDEN — A pair of Swedish designers have created a new bike helmet that acts like a motion-activated airbag.

The Hovding is coining itself “The Invisible Bicycle Helmet.” Riders wear a pouch that looks like a ski-jacket collar around their necks, and embedded electronic sensors pick up when a crash is happening and deploy an airbag that protects the person’s head.

The pouch can be fully inflated in a 10th of a second, according to CNN.

Designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin said they have been working with a brain-trauma specialist and have received millions in funding from investors.

The Hovding costs $600 and comes in black and multi-colored paisley.