EMS injury prevention tips; Promote bicycle helmet use

Updated March 26, 2015

Ideas and resources for promoting bicycle helmet use 

My son is getting a bike for his fourth birthday. He has already ridden hundreds of miles in a trailer towed behind my bike. He loves the fresh air, riding through the woods, and seeing trucks. He has never experienced bike riding without a helmet; he will be getting a new bike helmet for his birthday, as well.

However, many children, and parents, are not aware of the dangers of riding a bike without a helmet. Is your EMS service involved in community injury prevention efforts?

Here are a few ideas and resources for EMS agencies to promote bicycle helmet use.

  • Discuss the importance of bicycle helmet use and proper fit during station tours for pre-school and school age kids.
  • Be a role model by wearing a bicycle helmet when riding your bike to and from the station.
  • Partner with your local hospital’s injury prevention program to distribute helmets and teach bicycle safety.
  • Host an event or clinic in May during National Bike Month. Ask your local cycling club to put on demonstrations and provide instruction.

Share your injury prevention ideas and successes in the comments area below. Learn more about bicycle safety online:

This video from Safe Kids USA tells the story of a child who survived a crash with a vehicle while on his bicycle.


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