The "great debate" of field intubation

In this episode, our co-hosts discuss the pros and cons of intubation in the field and if it's time to end the practice

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In this episode of Inside EMS, co-hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss a hot topic that was debated at the 2020 National EMS Physicians Annual Meeting – the "great debate" of field intubation. During the annual meeting, Dr. Henry Wang, Dr. Riccardo Colella and Dr. Michael Sayer discussed the practice and its limitations. Dr. Wang brought up several studies that make the case for not using intubation in the field: the PART trail, the AIRWAYS 2 Trail and the CAMM Trail.

Our co-hosts weigh in on this discussion and debate if it's time to end in-field intubation and switch to using supraglottic airways instead. 

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