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CloudPCR permanently changes the way Pennsylvania EMS professionals communicate

“We’ve never had the ability to do this level of data management...ever before.”
- Bill McClincy, Executive Director EMMCO West Inc.

Pa. (emsworld) — CloudPCR has recently launched their product called the “CloudPCR Bridge” for the entire state of Pennsylvania. It will streamline data management and connect EMS agencies like never before.

Executive Director for EMMCO West Inc., Bill McClincy, has been using the product over the course of several months, and is a champion for the change it brings.

“We’ve never before had this ability to have as accurate data—in the sense of it being validated and quickly available to EMS systems planners at regional and state level. We’re actually able to look at the data and make functional decisions from an operational planning side.”

And that is the power of the CloudPCR Bridge. The program is designed to allow every EMS agency vendor in Pennsylvania to directly upload their data to the state. The prior procedure involved 15 separate vendors, each with different processes and timeframes, which resulted in a year-long data lag for the state. CloudPCR’s product instantly resolves this problem by giving all of the agencies access to one single repository of information.

This type of collaborative cloud construct not only allows state and regional agencies to compile higher quality data, in less amount of time, it also allows them to start using the information for predictive forecasting. Without the data lag, people like Bill are able to apply real-time solutions to EMS issues as they arise—rather than taking a reactive approach.

“The two most valuable aspects of the product are the standardized data reporting and the timeliness of the data.” states Bill. No product has ever been able to instantaneously display data to the state, region, county, and individual service level, quite like the CloudPCR Bridge.

The customized reporting also gives much more opportunity for action. Users can access different sects of data based on a variety of filters. This allows them to mine the type of rich information that creates actual change, in an effective timeframe. You can aggregate data on a regional planning level, and any specific data elements you can query, are now at everyone’s fingertips.

About Cloud PCR
Started in 2015, CloudPCR is continuing its expansion across the country in the coming year. The company’s website,, offers affordable PCR software as a service that is fast, smart, and effective. The platform is continuously updated using customer feedback, and the company prides itself on their collaborative nature.

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