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Medix Specialty Vehicles unveils new type III ambulance model

ELKHART, Ind. — Medix Specialty Vehicles is excited to introduce its newest addition to the Metro Express lineup with the Metro Express 157 Type III ambulance. The Metro Express (ME) series is a popular choice amongst customers with models RP90ES and ME 166, and now the Metro Express 157 will offer the same top value but on a mid-sized platform. Spacious with its mid-sized body, the ME 157 will enhance maneuverability and optimize payload, exceeding expectations of private, hospital-based, and municipal fire/EMS services.

“This product offers flexibility to hospital and EMS providers on the right chassis platform for Type III ambulance services,” says Rob Eichorst, Vice President of Sales, Medix Specialty Vehicles. “Reputation is everything; Medix customers can expect the Metro Express 157 to deliver.”

Effective and efficient, Medix ambulances deliver the industry’s highest possible performance value, and the Metro Express 157 is no exception. The ME 157 is 157” X 94” and 72”, offering customers two choices of chassis: Ford E-450 or Chevy G4500. Customers have the flexibility to order pre-configured models or choose from various floor plans. Everything Medix builds meets or exceeds industry safety standards, and all ambulance models are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet or exceed the current KKK-A-1822 CN standards and are compliant with the GVS standards.

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About Medix Specialty Vehicles

Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Type I, Type II, and Type III ambulances. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Medix Specialty Vehicles, Inc. has produced one of the highest quality and best-valued ambulances in the industry since 2001. Medix Specialty Vehicles is owned by Demers Braun Ambulance Manufacturer. Learn more about Medix Specialty Vehicles at or by contacting (866) 971-4915.