Crestline awarded $23.7 million contract for BCEHS ambulances

SASKATOON, Canada — Crestline Coach, a global leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing, has secured a multi-year deal with BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS). Manufacturing is currently underway at Crestline’s production headquarters, situated in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with delivery scheduled to begin early 2018.

BCEHS is a long-standing customer of Crestline Coach, purchasing over 750 ambulances and specialty vehicles since 1995. Crestline and BCEHS worked closely to develop two prototypes to meet BCEHS’s urban and rural fleet needs. The prototypes are similar in design to BCEHS’s existing fleet; however, the new models incorporate several unique and distinct features that will enhance paramedic and patient safety, along with ergonomics and fleet efficiency. Examples of the enhancements include, but are not limited, to:

Safety: Crestline’s roll-cage body construction will greatly improve paramedic and patient safety. The strength of the Crestline aerodynamic modular body is without equal in the ambulance industry. Based on Crestline’s exclusive “roll bar” technology, the modular body has superior crash worthiness in “all axis” directions. In the event of a major accident, the roll over protective structure provides BCEHS’s paramedics and patients with the utmost protection.

A new style of emergency lighting will be adopted for the purpose of increasing off axis visibility of the ambulance while travelling to the scene of an accident or transporting a patient to the hospital. 

Ergonomics: Through human factors testing and feedback from BCEHS, modifications to the interior body will enhance the ergonomic environment for paramedics, specifically improving access to critical equipment and providing larger storage volume for vital supplies.

“Green” element: Through a trial run, select ambulances will be outfitted with solar panels to measure the impact on the fleet’s efficiency. The solar panels will capture energy from the sun, directly converting abundant energy into electrical energy. This newfound energy assists in powering lifesaving equipment onboard, as well as the conversion batteries, which will result in less maintenance and help improve fuel economy.

“Keeping our ambulances up-to-date, refurbished and replaced in regular rotation ensures our fleet is in good working order and as safe as possible for our patients and staff.  We’re pleased to be partnering once again with Crestline in these efforts,” said Barb Fitzsimmons, Chief Operating Officer of BCEHS.

After its successful bid in an RFP public tendering process, Crestline will support BCEHS in its ongoing replacement of approximately 70 ambulances every year. Over the coming months and years, Crestline and BCEHS will continually evolve the ambulances, ensuring the vehicles meet the changing needs of BCEHS paramedics and patients. Crestline will work hand in hand with BCEHS to support their vision of being international leaders in healthcare innovation and delivery.

About BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS)
BCEHS is responsible for the delivery and governance of pre-hospital emergency medical care and inter-facility patient transfer services through the BC Ambulance Service and the BC Patient Transfer Network. BCEHS is supported by the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA). For more information, please visit or follow them on Twitter @BC_EHS.​

About Crestline Coach
Crestline Coach Ltd. is a worldwide leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing and a Canadian supplier of small to mid-sized buses.  With safety, innovation and durability always at the forefront of their business, Crestline exceeds and inspires today’s industry standards.  To learn more about Crestline visit or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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