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Frontline Innovations launches first and only fully integrated mounted electrostatic disinfection system

First Responder owned and operated, Frontline Innovations, LLC introduces the launch of its MEDS (Modular Electrostatic Disinfection System) unit. The MEDS unit is the first and only fully integrated and mounted electrostatic disinfection system of its kind.


Scientifically proven to be the superior method of disinfectant delivery, the patented MaxCharge™ nozzle delivers the fastest, widest ranging coverage available. The positively charged, air assisted particles disseminated from the mounted nozzle, in the patient compartment of your ambulance or rescue unit, create a “wraparound” phenomenon which allows for complete coverage and decontamination of the most hidden and challenging areas. As opposed to conventional sprayers or foggers, electrostatic sprayers are up to ten times as efficient, as they deliver an even coating with less drift, runoff, and chemical waste.

The MEDS unit is an effective vehicle for quickly accessing and killing the SARS COV-2 virus, however, it is also revolutionizing the process of routine comprehensive disinfection between every patient contact and transport. With COVID-19 opening our eyes to the significance and ease of cross contamination, at Frontline Innovations, we believe that every patient utilizing an ambulance should be afforded the opportunity to occupy a safe and clean environment. Additionally, achieving this process in a five to seven-minute timeframe without exposing personnel or incurring any out of service time is what the MEDS advantage is all about. It’s not if you spray, it’s how you spray.

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