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FoxFury announces the Nomad 360 as a 2023 EMS World Innovation Awards finalist featured in ‘The Chaos Experience’


The Chaos Experience is a unique concept that allows conference attendees to walk into a portable surge hospital just hours after a major disaster.

Fox Fury

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — FoxFury is proud to announce that the versatile Nomad 360 has been selected as a 2023 EMS World Innovation Awards Finalist. The Innovation Awards program recognizes the industry’s most pioneering products of the year that have the potential to transform EMS care. The Nomad 360 was innovated to offer true-to-life color accuracy with high color rendering index (CRI) LEDs. This upgrade allows medical and emergency professionals to see clear, vibrant tones across full-color-spectrum when rendering aid and photographing scenes or patients.

“We’re excited to offer a showcase that helps attendees visualize the challenges faced in field hospitals. We’re hoping visitors walk away seeing how different tools like scene lights, shelters and specialty equipment help overcome some of the logistical obstacles during a deployment.”

-Antonio Cugini, Director of Business Development of FoxFury.

The multi-functional Nomad 360 can be used indoors or outdoors, is waterproof up to 10 feet, offers up to 24 hours of battery life, cordless to prevent trip hazards in tight spaces, easily cleaned and disinfected, and silent for potentially sensitive situations. The Nomad 360 will be utilized both inside and outside of Booth 1273 for The Chaos Experience at EMS World 2023 in New Orleans, LA.

Experience a Portable Field Hospital after a Mass Casualty

The Chaos Experience is a unique concept that allows EMS World attendees to walk into a portable surge hospital just hours after a major disaster. Step off the show floor and into a dynamic event where you can Interrupt the staff as they deal with emergency medical response in real-time right before your very eyes.

When you are looking at new equipment, you need to know that it will perform in the field. The Chaos Experience brings the field to you to show how different products and solutions work together in a dynamic real-world EMS application.

The Chaos Experience brings together innovators and vendors that stand behind their products and know how well they perform in the field. We couldn’t have pulled off this experience without our Partners; Lanco, RenewO2, EG Weiss & Associates, Phenix Technologies, Inc., Integrity Medical Solutions, International De-Escalation Association, SAM Medical, and Vanguard Gloves.

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