ICEP EMSLA Statement

We, the below signed affiliates of the EMS Labor Alliance denounce and condemn the actions of PMT Inc, the PFFA and IAFF local 493 in the State of Arizona.

The Independent Certified Emergency Professionals (ICEP) is a group of Emergency medical Professionals based out of Tempe Arizona, employed by PMT Ambulance. They were recognized in July of 2006 as a union by PMT. ICEP has been struggling for fair working conditions, wages and benefits with constant opposition from their employer. PMT continually tramples on the basic fundamental rights of their workers.

This, as we all know is a problem faced by countless workers nationwide. What makes this particular case so appalling is the fact that union members (IAFF local 493) are working alongside management to break the back of a group of workers fighting for their right to organize and secure a collective bargaining agreement.

In July of 2008, ICEP filed charges with the Phoenix Branch of the NLRB and on November 9th of 2009 the Honorable ALJ Kokol issued his decision. The decision ordered the cease and desists of any unit (Ambulance) work being transferred to the IAFF. To date PMT, PFFA and IAFF local 493 have shown no regard for the NLRB decision and continue to staff PMT ambulances with municipal firefighters while members of ICEP are being left out in the cold. THIS CAN NOT STAND!

A complaint has been filled with Mr. Thomas Hayes of the Arizona Office of Labor Management Standards asking him to enforce the cease and desist order that these scab workers are violating.

EMSLA wishes to commend IAFF local 2260 President, Mr. Brian Jeffries, for his understanding of the principal of unity and his support of the NLRB decision.

Wisam Zeineh
President, DEMSA
Detroit, MI
James Orsino
President, BPPA-EMS
Boston, MA
Joshua Barkley
President, ICEP of Arizona
Tempe, AZ
Jere Strizek
Business Agent, IAFF Local I-60
Mesa, Az
Philip Petit
Communication Officer, IAEP
Boston, MA
David Jacobelli
Chief of Staff, IAFF Local I-60
Mesa, AZ
Adam Lizardi
Business Manager, IAFF Local I-60
Mesa, Az
Tony O'Brien
Treasurer, EMS Labor Alliance
Boston, Massachusetts
Anthony Weinmann
President, FAPP Local 1
Pittsburgh, PA
Patty Slocumb
Paramedic, PMT Ambulance
Scottsdale, Az
Dan Donahue
Captain, IAFF Local 493
Phoenix, AZ
Doyle Looney
E.M.T, PMT Ambulance
Chandler, AZ
Tony Lopez
Secretary/Treasurer, ICEP of Arizona
Phoenix,, AZ
Steven G. Wood
Clerk Craft Director, 480-481 Area Local APWU
South East Michigan, Mi
P.J. Elias
Vice President, IAFF Local I-60
Mesa, AZ
Tom Baldwin
Paramedic, IAFF Local I-60
Mesa, AZ
Jason Seyfert, NREMT-P
Steward, ICEP
Tempe, AZ
Greg Empey
Paramedic, PMT Ambulance
Scottsdale, Az
Drew Holderby
Paramedic , IAFF Local I-60
Peoria, AZ
Ryan Brockhaus
EMT, PMT Ambulance
Tempe , Az
Anthony Evangelisti
EMT, PMT Ambulance
Tempe, AZ
Lori Schulwitz
Member, American Postal Workers Union
Clinton Township, Mi
Chris Johnson
CEP, IAFF Local I-60
Mesa, AZ
Michael Lind
Paramedic, Local I-60
Glendale, AZ
Patrick J. Bahnken
President, Uniformed EMTs and Paramedics -FDNY
New York, NY
Vincent Variale
President, Uniformed EMS Officers-FDNY
New York, NY
Matt Baker
Emt, Local I 60
Glendale , Az
david nixon
Sargent At Arms, Local I-60
Peoria, AZ
Jason Payne
President, IAFF Local I60
Phoenix, AZ
Dianne Cavaleri, EMT-P
Superintendent, SENA Local 9158
Boston, MA
Donovan Warren
CEP, IAFF Local I-60
Tucson, AZ
Steve Alexander
Trustee, IAFF Local I-60
Gilbert, Az
Ben Hernandez
Paramedic, IAFF Local I-60
Glendale, AZ
Heather Richards
E.M.T.I. Chief Steward NEMSA, AMR Greater Hartford
Hartford, CT
Jeff Lennon, CEP
Pima County Trustee, UEMPA Local I-60
Tucson , AZ
Robert Norton
Nremt-p, pmt. icep union rep
glendale , AZ
Bret Cyr
National Representative, IAEP
Anthony, FL
Mike Lovett
Trustee, IAFF Local I-60
Phoenix, AZ
Dave Minkowski
Paramedic, IAFF Local I-60
Mesa, AZ
Garett Hensley
EMT, IAFF Local I-60
Mesa, Az
Robert Morley
Vice President, BPPA EMS
Boston, Ma
Joe O'Hare EMT-P
Deputy Supt., Boston EMS
Boston, MA
Mark Logemann
Vice President, AFSCME Local 3911
New Castle, DE
Dwayne Owens
EMT, PMT Ambulance
Apache Junction, AZ
Jeffrey Sinclair
EMT, , Local I-60
Sun City, AZ
Doug Bishop
Trustee, IAFF Local I-60
Buckeye, AZ
Rick Rebenstorf
Pinal County Trustee, IAFF Local I-60
Tempe, AZ
Michael A. Coonan
Paramedic, Maricopa Trustee, IAFF Local I-60
Surprise, AZ
David Seymour
Vice President Pima Co, Local I-60
Tucson, Az
Trustee, Local I60
Mesa, AZ
Mike Wombolt
Peoria, AZ
Robbyn Murdick
Glendale, Az
Cale Myhre
El Mirage, AZ
Tom Mullins
EMT, Local I60
Buckeye, AZ
John Waldrop
Paramedic, local I60
Glendale, az
Neal J. Kelley
Paramedic, Local I-60
Phoenix, az
Michael Germain
Secretary/ Treasurer, IAEP Local 95
Worcester, MA
Jesus Rangel
Vice-President, DEMSA
Detroit, MI
Jennifer Hoffman
Glendale, AZ
Jerry Derring
EMT, Honor Guard Local I 60
Casa Grande, AZ
Chuck Webb
Paramedic, Southwest Ambulance
Glendale, Az
Jimmy Gambone
, United EMS Workers
Framingham, MA
Jamie Marquardt
Paramedic, Cleveland EMS
Cleveland, Oh
Matthew Freed
National Rep , IAEP
Philadelphia, Pa

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