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Woman gets tattoo of logo of ambulance company that saved dad’s life

Laura Flight was so grateful to an air ambulance company that rescued her father after a crash she got their logo tattooed on her arm


Photo Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance
Laura Flight’s tattoo of the Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance logo was donated by a local tattoo parlor.

SUSSEX, England — A U.K. woman has tattooed herself with the logo of the air ambulance company that helped save her father’s life.

Laura Flight, 30, used an online sponsorship site asking for donations to help fund her tattoo and also give back to Sussex, Kent and Surrey Air Ambulance, according to the Argus.

“If it hadn’t been for the air ambulance taking me to the hospital, I don’t think I would have survived,” said Flight’s father, Steve Heselden.

Heselden, 56, was on his motorcycle going to visit his daughter when he collided with a car. He suffered two punctured lungs, nine broken ribs and a broken shoulder.

An air ambulance carrying a doctor and paramedic arrived within minutes to treat Heselden before transporting him to the hospital.

The Argus reports that Flight was so impressed with the care provided to her father that she wanted a permanent tribute to the people who saved him.

A local tattoo parlor sponsored the tattoo on her left arm, and Flight’s online efforts raised $366 for the company.