Paramedic, EMT honored for saving child's life

Their quick actions helped save the life a toddler who fell out of a two-story window two months ago

By Stephanie Sorrell-White
The Times Telegram

MOHAWK, N.Y. — The quick actions of two MOVAC employees may have saved the life a toddler who fell out of a two-story window two months ago.

On Wednesday, MOVAC recognized the efforts made by paramedic Michael Garlock and emergency medical technician Rosie Lanphere with the Board of Directors Excellence in Performance Award.

MOVAC Chief Brad Vrooman said it was on Sept. 25 that MOVAC was called to respond to an incident where a toddler sustained a severe head injury after falling 20 feet out of a two-story window on the 400 block of North Prospect Street in Herkimer. Herkimer fire and police also responded to the scene.

"It took less than five minutes to get there and 17 minutes to get to the trauma center in Utica," said Vrooman, noting Garlock and Lanphere provided emergency care for the child in the ambulance as a Herkimer firefighter helped to drive the vehicle.

"Twenty-two minutes. That's pretty quick," he said. "The care administered ... all in all saved the child's life."

Vrooman said, "They did a fantastic job."

Lisa Stefanec, who was responsible for watching the child at the time, was charged by Herkimer police with reckless endangerment in the incident.

Greg Eisenhut, president of MOVAC Board of Directors, said its emergency responders train to respond to a variety of complex issues in difficult circumstances.

"The intense situations they can run into — very intense situations — they need to have calm head and [stay] cool," he said.

Eisenhut said Lanphere and Garlock are "very, very deserving" of the award.

Besides the recognition from MOVAC, Lanphere and Garlock received honors from Midstate EMS, the regional emergency medical services council, for their work.

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