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Ariz. FF-medic sees driver having medical emergency, positions FD truck to be crashed into

“She was possibly going to go off the road, hit another car, another person, or worse,” said Josh Milne with Gilbert Fire and Rescue


Photo/Gilbert Fire and Rescue

By Leila Merrill

GILBERT, Ariz. — Gilbert Fire and Rescue Firefighter-paramedic Josh Milne made a risky split-second decision right after work Tuesday afternoon that likely saved lives, 12News reported.

Milne had finished a day of live training at the Gilbert Public Safety Training Facility and was driving home for a wedding anniversary dinner.

“I was alerted by a passerby with his horn that something was going on,” he said.

Then he saw why the person had been using the horn.

“I could see a woman having a medical emergency. She was unconscious. She was driving her vehicle, weaving in and out of traffic and she was out of control,” Milne said.

Milne used his Gilbert Fire duty truck to position himself and the vehicle so the woman’s car would hit the truck.

“Had I not, she was possibly going to go off the road, hit another car, another person, or worse,” he said. “There’s an embankment and railroad tracks that she could have gone over.”

Milne was not injured in the crash.

The driver whose horn use got Milne’s attention called 911.

Other first responders, who were at the training facility, responded to treat the woman. She was transported to a hospital.

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