Teen assaults EMT before lying down in front of oncoming train

The 15-year-old assaulted William Herr, who was attempting to help the teen into an ambulance for treatment

By EMS1 Staff

MYSERTOWN, Pa. — A teen assaulted an EMT who was trying to help him before lying down on train tracks in front of an oncoming train.

Lebanon Daily News reported that EMT William Herr was attempting to assist the teen into an ambulance when the 15-year-old assaulted him, according to police.

The teen broke free and ran through a field to train tracks, where he was found lying in front of an oncoming train in an attempt to die by suicide. Police said that EMTs were able to remove him from the tracks before he could be harmed.

The teen spit in the face of another EMT while he was being placed in the ambulance, according to police.

He was transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

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