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Man pleads guilty to 3 charges in stabbing of on-duty Ohio EMS captain

The Cleveland EMS provider was in uniform at the time of the attack in 2021

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Photo/CARE Local 1975 Facebook

By Leila Merrill

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Brooklyn man pleaded guilty to three charges in the September 2021 stabbing of an on-duty, uniformed Cleveland EMS captain.

Justin Chalmers Nevius, 42, was convicted of attempted felonious assault, operating a vehicle impaired and not stopping after an accident, WOIO reported Wednesday. Nevius is out on a $10,000 bond until sentencing.

The captain was stabbed in the thigh while at a gas station. He had been driving a marked EMS SUV when he stopped at the station.

At about the same time, a car crashed near the entrance to the gas station’s parking lot, reported. The driver of one of the vehicles involved in the crash ran from the scene, pulled a door of the EMS SUV open and attacked him, police said.

The captain’s injury was not life-threatening.