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Detroit EMT fights to get back to work 2 months after stabbing attack

Alfredo Rojas and his partner were stabbed in the face and hands while treating a patient in October

DETROIT — Two months after being viciously stabbed in his face and hands, Detroit EMT Alfredo Rojas is fighting to get back to work.

In October, Rojas was attacked while assisting a patient. He and his partner, Kelly Adams, were treating a woman for an ankle injury when a man, the woman’s boyfriend, became upset and slashed the medics’ faces and hands with a knife.

Fox 2 reported Rojas’ injuries are healing well, but a cut on his right hand was so deep, he lost the ability to grip and use his fingers.

“Tying my shoes, the simple things you take for granted every day. It’s hard with one hand,” Rojas said.

Rojas’ hand injury is making it harder for him to get back to work. He has been going to occupational therapy for the past month and a half, and hopes to be fully functional again within the next six to 12 weeks.

“Al’s definitely made it his priority to come in with a good attitude, and get it not just 100% but 110%,” Toni Minano, senior occupational therapist, said.

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