Woman becomes paramedic after recovering from eating disorder

Sydney Fitzgibbons said she was inspired to become a paramedic after recovering from her disorder that put her in “ICUs about 20 times in two years”

By EMS1 Staff

DENVER — A woman who was saved numerous times by EMS providers from complications due to an eating disorder is now recovered and a paramedic herself.

CBS Denver reported that paramedic Sydney Fitzgibbons recalled being in the back of an ambulance as a patient while suffering from anorexia, bulimia and diabulimia from her mid-teens to early 20s.

“At my worst, I saw the walls of ICUs about 20 times in two years. I was really sick. I was really in my eating disorder. And I was being told I could possibly die from this,” Fitzgibbons said.

Fitzgibbons eventually went into treatment in 2014 and made a full recovery after getting the care she needed. Afterwards, she moved to Denver to start the same career as the responders who saved her.

“The city and the people here saved my life. And they did for me what I couldn’t do for myself,” She said. “So now … I’m here to do for you what you can’t do for yourself.”

Fitzgibbons said she wants those with eating disorders to know that there is life after recovery.

“I had bad days and bad moments. But the biggest miracle for me was that I didn’t have a bad life anymore … [Eating disorders] are prevalent and they’re difficult to deal with. But there’s hope. And people get better from this.”


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