Podcast interview: EMS1 Editor-in-Chief describes content selection process

EMS Office Hours podcast sat down with Greg Friese to discuss the process of selecting news articles for EMS1 readers and assigning article topics to industry experts

By EMS1 Staff

The daily process of selecting content for EMS1 readers is no small task. Selecting news articles, assigning topics to expert writers and engaging readers is done with one goal in mind: helping those in EMS do their jobs more safely and effectively.

Recently, EMS1 Editor-in-chief Greg Friese spoke with the host of the EMS Office Hours podcast. Jim Hoffman, paramedic and podcast host, interviewed Friese about the daily process by which content is chosen.  

“This was a very interesting episode and gives a behind the scenes peek at where EMS1 content comes from when you click on that EMS1 link,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman and Friese discussed the use of relevant keywords to search news article databases. “Our staff members make a curation decision,” Friese said. “Is there enough here for this to be relevant to our readership?”

The two also spoke about the relevance of opinion, commentary and analysis articles during the show. EMS1 often writes about major events as the news breaks because that’s when interest is highest. “For example, the ambulance strike team members who made poor decisions was the highest-performing news item,” Friese said. “It made sense that because people were interested in this let’s see if there is a conversation we can continue having.”

Listen to the episode on the EMS Office Hours website or watch and listen to this video.


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