EMS Shark Tank: Jay Fitch and Tom Judge

Leaders discuss operational survival in the face of EMS challenges

This episode of EMS One-Stop With Rob Lawrence is brought to you by Lexipol, the experts in policy, training, wellness support and grants assistance for first responders and government leaders. To learn more, visit lexipol.com.

In this edition of EMS One-Stop, Host Rob Lawrence welcomes Jay Fitch, PhD, of Fitch & Associates; and Tom Judge, executive director of LifeFlight of Maine.

EMS1 is the premier media partner at the Pinnacle EMS conference, and Rob is a part of this year's Pinnacle Shark Tank Innovation Generator pre-conference session. In this series of podcasts, the EMS cast of the Shark Tank will join Rob to discuss their own hot topics.

In this episode of the series Rob, Jay and Tom discuss the upcoming conference and some of its key sessions, as well as current issues that those attending will ultimately look to solve. Rob also asks Jay, who has been operating in the EMS space for five decades as a leading consultant, what he is currently advising his clients as they look to operationally survive.

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Listen to next:

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