Acknowledging the importance of EMS in the fire service

Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell announces plans to rename the USFA to the U.S. Fire and EMS Administration

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EMS One-Stop Host Rob Lawrence recently travelled to Florida to attend the Metropolitan Medical Directors Gathering of Eagles Conference. In this week’s episode, he shares video from key sessions and interviews with a number of leading EMS medical directors, including Dr. Jim Augustine, medical director of Lee County, Florida.

The Eagles also gave the floor to the U.S. Fire Administrator Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, who identified how the Metropolitan Medical Directors will work closely in the future with the U.S. Metropolitan Fire Chiefs – and identified that a name change to USFA may soon follow.


“Seventy-five percent of what we do in the fire response space is in fact EMS, and something that I shared with these guys yesterday is an action, I won't say a movement yet, but an action under way, we may in fact in the near term actually rename the U.S. Fire Administration the U.S. Fire and EMS Administration.” — Dr. Lori Moore Merrell

“We have just stood up in January an EMS branch within our National Fire and EMS Programs Division. That is a huge move for USFA, so we are going to be moving toward even bigger announcements in the near future ... but we need to embrace what we do in the fire service, that is greater than 70%, most departments 75% and up of EMS.”  — Dr. Lori Moore Merrell


01:00 - Takeaways from Brandon Morshedi, MD; Peter Antevy, MD; Joseph Zalkin; Petar and Amber Hossick

02:00 - Introducing the comments from Dr. Moore-Merrell

04:00 - Recorded comments from Dr. Moore Merrell

09:00 - Discussion with Dr. James Augustine

24:00 - Closing commentary

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