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3 top questions always asked at the NREMT tradeshow booth

Answers to commonly asked questions about lapsed certification, valid continuing education, and recertification requirements


By Gabe Romero, MBA, NRP

The National Registry of EMTs looks forward to meeting face-to-face with EMTs and paramedics that have successfully achieved NREMT certification need to renew their certification, or have questions about certification. These are the top 3 questions the NREMT is asked at its EMS Today and EMS World Expo booths.

1. My NREMT certification has lapsed. How can I gain my certification back?

If your certification has expired within two years of the expiration date or you are state licensed at the level you want to test, you will need to complete a state approved refresher, NREMT cognitive and psychomotor exams. If your NREMT certification has lapsed beyond two years and you are not licensed at the level you want to test, please contact the NREMT for entry requirements.

2. What does the NREMT accept as valid continuing education?

The NREMT accepts continuing education that has received official approval through your State EMS office and/or the Continuing Education Coordinating Board of Emergency Medical Services. Continuing education topics may include subject matter contained within the National Scope of Practice as well as other subject matter specifically related to the emergency medical care of patients.

Continuing education may be obtained through a variety of delivery methods including didactic sessions, practical drills, workshops, EMS conferences, and distributive education.

3. What are the current NREMT recertification requirements?

The recertification requirements are outlined in brochures handed out at the tradeshow booth or for download from the NREMT website.

About the author

Gabe Romero, Director of Examinations, is responsible for cognitive and psychomotor examination development and deployment. Mr. Romero is responsible for all NREMT sales. During Mr. Romero’s tenure with the NREMT he has been involved with cognitive and psychomotor examination processes, certification and recertification. Mr. Romero holds a Master in Business Administration from Regis University, Denver, CO.

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