3 podcasts discuss job satisfaction for EMS professionals

Podcasters explore how pay and benefits through collective bargaining, burnout and salary expectations impact career longevity and success

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — EMS podcasters regularly discuss issues of importance to in-the-field EMS professionals, like pay, benefits and representation.

Jim Hoffman, lead host of the EMS Office Hours podcast, suggests three of his favorite recent EMS podcast episodes on workplace satisfaction topics.

Why EMS providers deserve a pension

This short clip from the Inside EMS podcast talks about when EMS workers strike for pension and benefits rather than hourly pay. Co-host Kelly Grayson notes that pension plans help encourage EMS professionals to make a career in EMS rather than be a “moderately skilled journeyman.”

This episode also points out why EMS professionals need to understand the repercussions of striking and how it translates to their community by not having sufficient resources to respond to life threatening emergencies.

How much pay is enough in EMS?

A common complaint in EMS is low wages. But just how much pay is enough when faced with the risks of the job? Jim Hoffman brings this topic to the table on a recent EMS Office Hours episode.

“It depends on where you are and your personal reference,” said co-host Josh Knapp.

EMS professionals listen in as Hoffman and Knapp discuss the need to be aware of the risks and responsibilities, regardless of pay, to ensure their career longevity and success.

EMS isn't all kittens and rainbows

In this episode of the Disaster Podcast Jamie Davis, the podmedic, and guests talk about stress and burnout in EMS.

“It is passion fatigue; you’ve lost your compassion for people," said co-host Sam Bradley when discussing EMS burnout. The panelists all agree that stress and burnout can cause provider illness and even impact immune systems.

EMS professionals need to know there is help out there to overcome stress encountered in EMS. “Don’t be afraid to ask for it (help),” said Bradley.

About EMS Office Hours

EMS Office Hours is the weekly podcast from Jim Hoffman that focuses on EMS news, social media, patient care and the culture of the EMS profession. Listen each Wednesday at EMSOfficeHours.com.

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