10 more habits paramedics can't shake

EMS habits die hard, even when you're off duty; what are some that follow you off the clock?

Do you check pulses while shaking hands? Or maybe you're the guy in the grocery store parking lot pulling a shopping cart behind you like you're at the front of a stretcher.

No need to be ashamed — you're not alone. We know EMS habits die hard.

We asked our Facebook fans what habit they have that's hard to shake even when off the clock or after retirement; check out some of our favorites below.

Don't see a habit you have? Add it in the comments.

1. "Eating fast. It's very difficult to eat a meal at a reasonable pace because of the years of working for a private company. I'm often the first one finished." — Rick Jones

2. "I always look at the rear view mirror in my personal car on a hard stop to see if I set off the drive cam." — James Weber

3. "When you pull up to get gas in your personal vehicle and make sure you're not getting diesel like your ambulance needs." — Allen Davis

4. "In my POV when someone randomly pulls over on the street, I always look down to see if my code three lights are on." — Daniel Quirin

5. "When I meet people, I assess their veins for how hard or easy they would be to stick." — Rick Wyatt

6. "I catch myself watching people when I'm in a crowded location always looking for signs of someone in distress and I always back into a parking space so I'm in response mode." — Nisa Baynes

7. "I can't stand drawn out stories. If you take too long to get to the point, I will interrupt and start asking questions to get the pertinent information. I want the most amount of info in the shortest amount of time." — Jessie Anderson

8. "When attending any event, I am looking to identify the locations of AEDs and the medical and law enforcement staff." — Glenn C Gerber

9. "Always looking at elderly people as a possible fall victim and being prepared to assist if needed." — Lisa Leonardo

10. "If it's my day off and someone asks me for a Band-Aid, I'll check my watch so I can note the time." — Tim S Huddleston

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