Fire dept.’s first female firefighter achieves first responder trifecta

Lindsey Derby was a police officer and an EMT before becoming Kasson Fire and Rescue’s first female firefighter

By EMS1 Staff

KASSON, Minn. — A fire department’s first female firefighter has achieved the first responder trifecta.

Post Bulletin reported that Lindsey Derby, who became Kasson Fire and Rescue’s first female firefighter in June, has worked as both a police officer and EMT in the past due to a desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

"Public service is a wonderful way to do that," Derby said. "My entire life I've had a stirring that I knew God put me here to serve others. I thought that my avenue to do that was to be a police officer, but found out that wasn't it."

Kasson Fire and Rescue Chief Joe Fitch said Derby’s experience in three areas of public service makes her a well-rounded firefighter.

"It was definitely a surprise when we read her application and saw she had a law enforcement background as well," Chief Fitch said. "In the end, it makes a person that much more well-rounded with serving the community and understanding what all the other agencies look for."

Derby said she resigned from law enforcement after realizing it was not what she was meant to be.

"I was becoming incredibly cynical of our world and was watching it change who I was for the worse," she said. "I knew if I wanted to be in public service for the rest of my life and still have my personality, I had to step down and find another avenue to serve. I have a tremendous amount of respect for those in law enforcement that are able to do that."

Derby said her experience in law enforcement taught her that there is “a lot more good in the world than bad,” and her experience with patients as an EMT showed her what’s most important in treatment.

"We are going to meet people on their worst days, and it's not the treatment I provide that they will remember, it's how I treat them," she said. "People remember how you made them feel."


Lindsey Derby

Posted by Kasson Fire and Rescue on Friday, August 18, 2017


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