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How first responders, hospitals and governments are commemorating 1 year of COVID-19

Communities are honoring those who lost their lives and the personnel who have been on the front lines of the crisis


Photo/Montefiore Nyack

By Laura French

March 11, 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. First responders and healthcare workers across the country and world have been working for 365 days, and in many cases longer, to care for their patients and communities while facing their own safety concerns, emotional struggles and personal losses.

Here are some examples of how public safety, healthcare and government organizations are commemorating one year of the pandemic, and honoring both those who lost their lives and those who are continuing to save lives on the front lines of the crisis.

For many EMS agencies and healthcare facilities, the COVID-19 crisis began before it was officially declared a pandemic. Several organizations have stopped to remember their first COVID-19 patient encounter, transport or admission, or the first case in their state.[0]=AZVsBlQJgKPcQ7DABENMKRJa-LBJYWl0NG5q-9Ei2tbZPBxEqBjTR5HfZMJ3cjo9xcU-2hJZj7pZNNucSyqnfa8nGYOcmzUyl65uTpWN2agynje0UZwkODF1aetwg5pR_PIVOrIBlfg3mgYT6TRpnZQA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZXyUpxy1svezzLNBzKXsc5NMN6yXuIUHA1akQNsO4AMhC7z9CeWhwcH5qwBb-VcGRZ2I2iy9Xy5SAPv4n2EorTeOkb5ulqt-lOm4k_EqhJCwZzR1UQ6KDEZHLPmLtTtayBr527_kpXqr1HrZTCbYEpXjf82I84MtQjw2zrGq0RDWw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZVQdZDGrYNLna5Uq5U4aUGobrp_O7gli3_eW--CwjCDbZ7R80ZYiYZd_ou_AYplwZ8KQDpWkGjyOe2PY51ilJ4IxqyqgLw6BawucbjlGN1Qh3SKVJP6Kkh7NpAnE7QcKSK-Oh6HKFIOGxuqiUku6cD6&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

More than 526,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States, with more than 2.6 million total lives lost worldwide from the virus. Communities hosted memorials and days of remembrance in honor of pandemic victims.[0]=AZWYMp6KFb_s6NePxYmqaV0LB0HCO7ObDC5Hx5qI9BZOvzjLanP_RbACb_mNbk8IgDoqD-doPfq-v2DHJyM03LE6vRKhWzQqf2mPwINfoWb52YutnCLY_XWnCXNTgqdLgnHFMIYIGx89edTn1xB-M7fF&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZVO67u3drz8Ue5tWkUAuFf5kdqawAULUEmSuljNPLJkQ7Pvbdko_-EldnIAc0HlgTYHslAaieOE1oSwaWmhA14uM3P0qA295v1trWaWLeYyIWzSZtvYKIODe7gxCbivTJ5ug2I6L8TUFKSxfBWAusPWC0euYci5Pp4FcO0KE15C8Q&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

For the past year, the work of first responders, healthcare professionals and other frontline personnel have been central to national and worldwide efforts to protect, heal and support those affected by the virus. To mark the first anniversary of the pandemic, officials showed their gratitude and paid tribute to essential personnel who have continued to serve. First responders also reflected on their challenges and achievements throughout the crisis.[0]=AZUOzcRbxHCvrUNaladZhd2LRf6_3AHcVofgLJivUTtZkkDMsZ1HMTxsthhVdzF_xC0-w9JE3P7O32263U8AnZwU-7AaH7Nz-HP062u3eyT-PNrto5l1kJS6XSnvlp-baCUgYWiQlZ6XqfKL1eINFXmYol3SHDkKA1LDMDxOzwDlcg&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Has your agency commemorated the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic? Let us know how in the comments below.