Medic recalls knife attack, increased violence against EMS

A mental health call to a woman's home went violently wrong, and ended with a 90-minute siege as EMS and police were backed into a corridor behind a glass door

Daily Mail

MELBOURNE, Australia — A Melbourne paramedic is lucky to be alive after experiencing first hand how life can change in an instance just two weeks ago.

Ben Dalton and his ambulance partner were dispatched to a woman's home after a mental health assessment said she needed to be taken to hospital. But the 27-year-old had no idea he was about to face off with a near death encounter when he knocked on that very door.

"The woman was verbally aggressive when she answered the door," Dalton told Daily Mail Australia. "Then she suddenly pulled out a knife - it must of been up her sleeve - and she charged at me with it and just swung it at me, aiming for my throat."

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